Sifu Gary Renza has been actively involved in the Chinese healing and martial arts for the past 30 years. He has competed in numerous tournaments, is a published writer, lecturer, herbalist and one of the most sought after teachers in the tri-state area

Sifu Renza has extensive training in the Chinese martial arts including Northern and Southern Shao'lin Ch'uan, Tai Chi Ch'uan, Hsing-I Ch'uan, Pa Kua Chang, Ching Na and Chinese Kenpo. He is also well versed in Taoist and Buddhist meditations and philosophies as well as the healing arts of Chi Kung, Chinese medicine, Tui Na and Chinese herbology.

Sifu Renza has done martial arts demonstrations for Avon, Union Carbide and the Military Academy at West Point. He has also competed in many tournaments on the East Coast and has won first, second and third place in empty hand form, self defense technique, weapons forms and full contact fighting. He has also written articles for some of the leading martial arts magazines in the country.

Over the years Sifu Renza has received numerous awards for his excellence and perseverance in the Chinese martial arts. At the present time Sifu Renza is teaching in the Cold Spring and Cortlandt Manor regions in southern New York.